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[opensuse] How to influence how firefox renders charakters
I have a very curious problem.

When I go on a specific page of the website that I use to learn Chinese, it
shows me the page well with Chromium (but chromium has regularly a ffmpeg
problem so it is no good).
When I open the page with seamonkey the page displays correctly as well. Now
seamonkey in opensuse gets only rarely security fixes.
But seamonkey has the very same engine as FireFox. So if Seamonkey does it
right, .... logic says that Firefox should do it right too, no?
But that is not the case.
FF renders the page but with characters that are let us say "very essential
looking". Now I would like that FF renders the page like Chromium and Seamonkey
does. But I don not understand where I could set this in about:config Did not
find any difference to seamonkey.

Is it possible to understand what reason has the page not to render as expected
in FF?


Link to the page:

Select any of the links to the lists on the right side and the characters will
load (e.g. HSK/HSK1 - click on the link).
Open that in the named browsers and you will probably understand. If not, if
you tell me how to paste two example screen shots I will do that. Have looked
at "suse paste" but seems to accept only text.

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