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Re: [opensuse] on laptops and maintainability ...
On 02/15/2016 02:32 PM, John Andersen wrote:
Shop better.
Don't buy such crap. I've NEVER owned a laptop that did not outlive its
battery, and require
a battery replacement. Most have exceeded the life of their hard drive as
When I buy, I look for access ports to Battery, Disk Drives, Memory, etc.

I'm not into skinny throw-away machines.

... like Apples ...


You can see similar in the world of smartphones.
Its polarized into the types who want skinny but unserviceable, and
those that want to be able to change battery, change sdcard.

Is this any different from the camera world where we have the fixed ens
types and the interchangeable lens types?

For many things, certainly to do with cameras, there's a limit on what
vendors can let users change because of the need for optically correct
precisions, even if they are willing to pay.

At the top end, Hasselblad let the user change pentaprism, viewscreen,
lens and type of film back. There have been SLR manufacturers who let
the user change the pentaprism and the focusing screen, some that
allowed, in the day of film large capacity backs or backs that recorded
date/time on the image, but these were few and exceptional and there was
little demand for them in the professional range never mind the
mid-range/consumer level.

Interchangeable batteries mandate a minimum thickness, and like
interchangeable film packs they allow for 'fast swap'. I admit that I
never plug in my smartphone (except to a powerpack when travelling), I
have a rotating set of batteries and a wall charger. My tablet is
another matter. Larger tablets don't seem to come with user-replaceable
batteries. Not even Samsung.

However ... my local repair shop tells me that they are authorized to
replace batteries, either under warranty or as paid-for. They also tell
me that they can root my tablet and get rid of all the pre0installed
crap that came with it that I don't want. Why don't I root it myself?
Well they offer a guarantee and they are experienced in such matters.

But in the mean time, yes I buy (or acquire from the Closet of
Anxieties) desktops and/or laptops with replaceable batteries and
accessible disk drives and accessible screws to open up and replace
other parts.

Not that this always works. I've dropped a laptop and cracked the
motherboard. I've had a g/f who 'forced. the power connection and
snapped the socket assembly off the motherboard. This is a completely
different order of problem. At some point you simply don't bother
repairing and take it apart and sell the parts individually on eBay or
the unit "as is".

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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