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Re: [opensuse] Buffer overflow ... and other errors
On 02/15/2016 01:03 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
It was all a bit ridiculous. Surely there were better ways to optimise?

That method hung around for quite a while, even when it was hidden from Joe User
by hardware.

Back at University I was manning the console of the computer center's CDC3200
the BCD light came on. Nobody in ear shot had the slightest idea what the hell
meant, but the job went through the queue and the light went off.

The Professor in charge walked by, we asked what the light was for, he looked in
some manuals no one else dared touch, and said:

Sonofabitch! Someone ran a COBOL job! Damn business majors!

Binary Coded Decimal arithmetic was done in pseudo-hardware (optionally), and
only after the
compiled code requested it and caused the microcode to be loaded.

It was accurate to 18 positions on either (or both) sides of the decimal point.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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