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[opensuse] Re: [opensuse-kde] Remove all traces of KF5/Plasma 5 from oS 13.2
On 02/14/2016 05:32 PM, Rodney Baker wrote:
Hi all.

I'm trying to remove all traces of KF5 and Plasma 5 from my oS 13.2 system and
revert to the last working version of KDE4.

This seems to be like unscrambling an egg. The KDE4 repositories appear to
have vanished, and telling Yast to switch system packages to the oS Update
repository results in a never ending cycle of intertwined dependencies that
insist on removing x86_64 packages and replacing them with i586 packages or
removing the KDE base system altogether!

After the last set up updates, the system is broken, with transparency
apparently "not supported", hence my desire to revert. Besides, I hate the
"flat" look of Plasma 5 and really don't want it (so I won't be upgrading to
Leap any time soon).

Is there a way, any way, to unscramble this egg, short of a complete

Perhaps I need to disable all bar the base oS 13.2 repositories and do a
zypper dup (and dump all previous updates in the process)? Will that fix it?
Or has the horse well and truly bolted with Plasma 5?

I even thought about switching distros to Debian (desperate, I know) but even
there, Plasma 5 is it.

Any suggestions gratefully received (unless they involve sticking with Plasma


Which gfx card do you have and what are the specs of the PC? The KDE4 stuff is in the default repos which come preset on 13.2. Try removing the add'l Plasma 5 repos you added and then doing a zypper dup. Personally, Plasma 5 with the Oxygen icon theme looks pretty nice to me, yet stability is lacking. People I know can't even install Leap because it crashes before they even get into the YaST installer. Do you have an NVIDIA card by any chance? Have you tried TW or Leap on the same machine to see if the same problems exist? Also, more problems can arise with an upgrade vs. doing a clean install.

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