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Re: [opensuse] any real-life experiences with bache / dm-cache and ssd ?
Le 11/02/2016 10:55, Per Jessen a écrit :
jdd wrote:

Le 11/02/2016 08:23, Per Jessen a écrit :
I was studying bcache yesterday and just wondered if anyone had any
real-life experiences to share?

yes, and not that good

too complicated to the fuss

Hmm, I was hoping for some details about improved IO rates and such. I
have some aging storage servers and I was wondering if I could improve
the IO rates by adding a SSD cache instead of replacing the controllers
or even the whole thing.

my machine was (still is) a laptop with a 24Gb ssd on the mother board, in addition to the 500Gb hard drive.

initially it was used by the intel fast start and widows. I cut it on two partitions, one for openSUSE.

but one have to build the system around bcache, the disk can't anymore be read is something goes wrong without complicated things (my page).

In fact I very soon decided to erase this disk, discard all the windows support for it (I keep windows on this machine for some rare uses) and install openSUSE on it, 24Gb is really enough.

This gives me a really fast openSUSE.

I now instal ssd's on all my computers. The Dell Optiplex 755 (pretty old dualcore), with 6Gb ram and two ssd's (one 120Gb, the other 240Gb) is now really fast.

so if you can, instal your system on ssd :-)

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