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RE: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed - Gnucash issue!

OK, just for the record, I am NOT using a VM in the cloud (I am only using one
locally, for other reasons). And I am NOT doing a VPN. I never said I wanted to
do a VPN. And SSH is not the same thing as a VPN, as far as I know. I never
wanted to do a VPN.

FYI, I am on deadline this evening, writing more doc on my current contract. So
I will be up very late and not paying full attention here. But later, yes.


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On 02/10/2016 07:59 PM, John Morris wrote:
Well G-d forbid Anton I should call you all "liars" -- the thought
actually never crossed my mind.

You don't have to say "You're a liar" to call us liars any more than the snarky
bully at school did when he said "Yeahhhhhh, shuuuuure!"

I've been saying "its so" all along, but you keep persisting in saying that
you need the VM and VPN which amounts to sticking you fingers in your earns and
saying "nya nya nya I'm not listing to you"..


I am filing this email way for likely the weekend -- because I'm
getting a real headache now.

And I think you are saying that -- actually I don't know what you are

I'm saying that you don't need a virtual machine, don't need a VPN connection..
You can do this entirely with a Linux-to-Linux connection.

Look, you could do it across you won LAN. Put GnuCash on one machine and
access it by ssh from another Linux machine.

You are saying I can run a Linux GUI software (i.e. GnuCash) on a
shared hosted Linux environment (who knows and we don't care what
distro) and apparently I can SSH in and get an X-Server screen piped
to an X-client running on Windows????

I don't know about Windows, but why, when you have a Linux machine of
your own? Is it possible with Putty? I would think so, but not
having a Windows setup I'm not able to try.

I do have a tablet. My android 12" tablet has an X-Server app and yes, I've
accessed a GUI over my wifi network to Thunderbird running as the client on my
desktop. I tried a few other programs, patience of course :-), to prove it
could be done in the more general sense.

But WTF, the X protocol suite has been around a long time and many people have
implemented in on dumb terminals. back when I did use Windows for a client we
had the Hummingbird kit and that was quite satisfactory.

I recall when I was at DEC ('87 to '93) we could do interesting things
with apps running on other machines and direct the output (whatever
that was at DEC at the time, DECWindows or something, and related to
X11 or Motif later . . .) to my own workstation (I had 24 MB RAM --
which was the largest on the floor).

Yes, DEC developed DECNET, which was a bit like ARCNET and others such as
Novell's networking product in that it was very efficient on a LAN but had
problems with global routing. Mockapetris and Mike Palpinsky in "Elements of
Nertwoking Style".

Anyway, I'd be grateful if you could explain what ezzaktly you are on
about . . . I'm listening.

Thanks, sort of . . . : )

Simple: you can do ALL you have been discussing, the Gnucash and the web based
interface, without the need for a Virtual Machine on a shared hosting account,
similar to the one I have at Dreamhost.

Its a simple as that

As alan says,

"Simplicate and add lightness" works for business processes as
well as for mechanical systems.

It's true for software systems as well.

"The Singapore government isn't interested in controlling information, but
wants a gradual phase-in of services to protect ourselves. It's not to control,
but to protect the citizens of Singapore. In our society, you can state your
views, but they have to be correct."
-- Ernie Hai, coordinator of the Singapore Government Internet Project
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