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Re: [opensuse] Need distro advice. Problems installing Leap.

Thus spake iPad.

On Feb 7, 2016, at 1:34 PM, Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Jim Sabatke wrote:

I've used SuSE for well over 20 years, going back to either 3.x or 4.x, I
don't remember which.

4.4.1 was my first, 1996 I think.

The problem now is that I need to update some older systems. Because I
don't charge for the help, I really don't want to spend hours upon hours
trying to figure out what's going wrong with failed installs. Leap has
presented me with numerous challenges, first at home, where I had to put
the /home directory on on of the first two disks or the system refused to
boot. It took me many days, and a LOT of hours to figure that out, but now
it works fine. So, armed with that understanding, I took an install disk
to a friends' house and installed Leap, creating the two directories on
the only disk. After a lengthy load, the install hangs again after the
reboot. I don't have s lot of time to figure this out, so I have a couple

Does Leap have known problems getting a working system up and running,
especially apparently not being able to find the system after reboot?

Generally speaking, no. With root on NFS, it doesn't work though.

OK, I've done two installs and both had almost the exact same problems, they
wouldn't reboot after the install. I've really never had a problem installing
a SuSE distro until Leap. The first was on my desktop, which has 4 SATA
drives. I initially used the installer's recommended configuration, with / on
sda and /home on sda. That refused to boot, with a blank screen on reboot,
until I put /home on sda. Then it went perfectly.

Then I tried to load Leap on a friend's laptop. He had only one drive, so I
figured it would be easy. Same problem on reboot with a blank, unresponsive

I only mentioned how long I've been using SuSE to give you an idea how unusual
and unexpected these problems were.

I suspect I'll be forced to go back a version or two, but I worry about
security upgrades in the future. So, if anyone can shed light on this, I'd be
really grateful.

I've seen some of the Leap install problems posts here, but none seemed
like my problems.

Is there a more reliable, recent distro that I would be better advised to

It's difficult advise without more details of the circumstances, but if
you're somehow having trouble with Leap + updates, and you don't wish to
debug, I would revert to 13.2.


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