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Re: [opensuse] Upgrade to 42.1 from 13.1?
jdd composed on 2016-02-08 18:55 (UTC+0100):

Thomas Taylor composed:

I have run into a problem upgrading a multi-boot system. I currently have OS
13.1, Fedora 18, and windows 7 on my system. I'm using legacy grub as boot
manager. It is installed in a partition on an SSD along with the windows 7

but I guess an uefi firmware? I have no such problem with usual BIOS

When I attempt to install OS 42.1 (leap) onto this system I receive messages
that the /boot/efi needs to be formatted FAT.

If you install 42.1 on a separate partition, and put its bootloader on its /
partition, or install no bootloader at all, you can use 13.1's bootloader to
start 42.1. Afterwards you can rearrange booting if you please from one of
the running installations.

Sounds to me like maybe you're being mislead by the start of the partitioning
process, where create setup lies between edit proposal and "expert
partitioner". Edit proposal is not appropriate for any multiboot user. Expert
on this screen is a lie. The true expert mode can only be reached by choosing
create partition setup, the only practical choice for multibooters. In true
expert mode you should be able to tell it what you want, not have it tell you
what you can have.

ignore this, and as soon as possible switch to grub2 (may be in install

I have many 42.1 installations, all in multiboot, none using Grub2 for
openSUSE or as primary bootloader (most have no trace of Grub2 anywhere), and
two alongside Win7. If he likes Grub and it's working fine for 13.1 alongside
Win7, he doesn't need Grub2 for 42.1 to work as well as 13.1.

After adding another partition
(FAT) with mount point of /boot/efi I then get a message that it requires GPT
partition table but windows 7 won't boot with that.

Maybe if you post output from gdisk or fdisk we could see a reason it does
that. GPT is only "required" if the disk size is >2GB. Win7 will boot from
GPT, but not if you make a change to GPT from BIOS outside of Windows. If
you're booting BIOS now, you need to keep it.

Is there a way to install 42.1 in a FAT type table? I read the "Unofficial
Guide to openSUSE Leap 42.1" but didn't see anything pertinent there. Where
could I look for more information?

42.1 has no need for anything FAT on a BIOS installation.

It might be best, if you can install 42.1 to a separate partition, to
partition as you please with 13.1, and then in 42.1 merely specify mount
points using the expert mode hiding in create .

Note that 42.1 includes Grub, but it cannot be completely "installed" at
installation time. Bootloader options omit it, but on a multiboot system it's
simple to complete its installation, after which it will function as it has
for the entire existence of openSUSE. Be sure if making this choice to change
/etc/sysconfig/bootloader LOADER_TYPE from none to grub if you want menu.lst
kept up to date automatically.
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