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Re: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed
On 8 February 2016 at 11:05, jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Le 07/02/2016 22:54, Per Jessen a écrit :

I'd be happy to establish and run a "Friends of openSUSE Verein" here in
Switzerland, but as long as there is no openSUSE entity to receive the
sponsoring, it would be pointless.

opensuse already have sponsors

not speaking of SUSE :-)

Long time ago, when the Foundation was discussed it was abandoned because we
couldn't grant the foundation could protect the openSUSE trade mark, but now
it's not question of this.

The association I mean of wouldn't have any property on openSUSE. Depending
of the amount of money collected, it could promote openSUSE on various ways
(printed doc in various languages, sponsoring boots...), hiring a developer
being one of the most expensive.

We could begin with a small membership fee, just to see if this project is

The association should probably involve in his board most (all?) the
openSUSE board to make people trust it.

Right now it's only an idea.

what do the readers of this thread think of it? Is it simply worth
discussing? if yes we have to open an other thread on project-


I'm open to the idea, and I'd be interested to see how a discussion on
-project goes

That said, and returning to the point that triggered this
conversation, I think it's important to have realistic expectations
about what such an organisation could achieve

If the goal is 'this organisation will be able to hire developers to
work on the openSUSE project', I think it's worth pointing out that if
you consider the salary, insurance, social services and other expenses
of a single developer, it's very easy to reach costs in excess of
€100,000 per person

What difference will one developer make, when openSUSE already has hundreds?

I believe this to be why many open source e.V.'s and other such
associations don't hire developers.

If the goal is to fix things, the problem that needs to be solved is
'more contributions' in the areas of interest to the people requesting
them - and I am not convinced that the direct application of money for
developers is the best way to secure those contributions. Better bug
reports, more engagement between developers and users, more users
turning themselves into contributors, are all far more sustainable
ways of achieving that.

And in that case if the goal of the proposed association is 'support
the openSUSE Project financially in order to enable them to attend
more events, have more marketing, etc' then I'm stuck with the simple
fact that it has been years since the openSUSE project has found
itself lacking for money in this area.
If people stand up and do the work, we normally find a way to find the
money to make it happen - SUSE have been remarkably supportive in this
regards, as demonstrated by their sponsorship of several community run
openSUSE Conferences, new merchandise, TSP, event sponsorship, etc etc

So, hmm, my thought out of the gate that this is 'nice to have' if we
can make it work, but I want to make sure people's expectations of
such an endeavour are realistic from the outset

Money may make the world go round, but openSUSE is an project powered
by contributions first, not cash.
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