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Re: [opensuse] Missing h.264 support in Firefox 44.0
Le 07/02/2016 15:31, jdd a écrit :
Le 07/02/2016 15:14, jdd a écrit :

not really, alas.

report on Firefox forum:


Well... I could verify my hypothesis. With the good mp4, the web site works:

but then, the ogv file become unuseful...

If you have only a handful of file, ok, but if you get large collection...

the script I use (with the correct handbrake-cli syntax) is:

echo usage: *.MOV

mkdir html5
for a ; do
b=`echo "$a" | cut -d'.' -f1` ;
HandBrakeCLI -i "$a" -t 1 --angle 1 -c 1 -o "html5/$b.mp4" -f mp4 -O -w 960 --crop 0:0:0:0 --loose-anamorphic --modulus 2 -e x264 -q 22 -r 30 --pfr -a 1 -E av_aac -6 dpl2 -R Auto -B 160 -D 0 --gain 0 --audio-fallback ac3 --encoder-level="3.1" --encoder-profile=high --verbose=1

I don't know in it what is the part really mandatory, but this syntax is read by all the browser I'm aware of...

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