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Re: [opensuse] post-11.4 "runlevels" (was: 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed)
On Sun, Feb 07, Felix Miata wrote:
Dave Plater composed on 2016-02-07 20:23 (UTC+0200):

systemctl is-enabled does something, it says static. I
shall investigate the systemctl commands and hopefully I shall be able
to enable runlevel 3 and more.
Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he'll eat
forever (as long as there's fish to catch :-) )

Under systemd, "runlevels" technically do not exist. The init/telinit
[1,2,3,5] commands are compatibility aliases to closest match systemd targets
that, I have often found, as you using 42.1, don't do what's expected of them.

Under Leap, does the installer still offer the "runlevel 3" choice?
Ok, yes, it is using "back compat language" when it does so, but is the choice
there and the upshot on the running system after install the same?

To work around the problem, try using aliases that I use (adjust as necessary
for your dm of choice):

alias init3='systemctl isolate; killall kdm; killall Xorg '
alias init5='systemctl isolate '

The following may also be helpful:

1: # systemctl set-default
2: reconfigure grub with 5 as last parameter on cmdline, and when you want to
boot directly to "runlevel 3", remove the 5 "on the fly" from the selected
grub stanza.

Thanks for the tips and tricks.

Michael Fischer
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