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Re: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed
On Sunday 07 February 2016 03:17:24 SDM wrote:
[…] The point is, though, that in cases like this,
staying a few versions behind allows for greater stability. That's what
SLED is all about. Imagine if companies purchased a license to run SLED
but SLED with Tumbleweed packages. Does anybody really think that would
be a good idea? How is OpenQA going to simulate the myriad of hardware
out there where specific hardware can exploit bugs?

I'm not buying the whole argument that Tumbleweed is the "tried and
true" "stable" desktop. Proof is in the putting, not marketing speak.

The only real complete approach is to try out new versions in an isolated
environment which resembles the production environment as close as possible
including "specific hardware" as well as the set of applications you are
running. openQA could help as it shows what is tested and shown to be working
so that error analysis can be much easier. Of course, this also helps
developers including providing a fix which is shown to be working using a
testing system, e.g. openQA. The specific example you mentioned is of course a
tricky one to solve with an "automatic integration system" as running a
plasma5 session for a week to see it's performance including checking for
memory leakage would be pretty expensive on the testing ressources.
"Staying a few versions behind" can work because others with a close enough
environment of yours have hopefully already tried out the new version,
reported bugs and fixes have been provided. The probability for this will
increase the longer you wait with the downside of missing new features.
Eventually also bugs are not fixed anymore for the old version you were
intended to jump on.
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