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RE: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed

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Von: Frans de Boer
Gesendet: Sa. 06.02.2016 12:53
An: opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed

Dear reader,

When I initially tried Leap, the stability was a disaster. So, I went
back to Tumbleweed. Which at the time was stable enough. However, from
time to time I still have to go back to 13.2 because Tumbleweed is not
always so stable.

Leap is now around for some time, so I wonder if it is stable enough
nowadays to be used instead of 13.2. The later is kind off showing his age.

I know now that using Tumbleweed is participating in a lottery, but has
OpenSUSE nothing newer to offer which is just as stable as 13.2 is?

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I installed Leap because something happened to my 13.2 and I needed to install.
So I tried it.
I expected to throw it down and rant but I was rather surprised. Installation
time was 2 month and a half after release.
I am using KDE PIM 4.

Overall use is limited, as it is a laptop.
Surf, write gpg encrypted emails using a cryptodevice (usb) and office
(strongly formatted documents). I also surf, watch some movie, use solitaire
(yes I am quite dependent) of that. I am using then some program from "extra",

I was quite pleased over all, office with Libreoffice 5 in my use case I find
it lightning fast and well done, stable, way better than 4.
I find that KDE PIM although "crossed over" from KDE4 to Plasma 5 works well.
The change of sessions works well.

The "pains in the a..." are:
sddm does not correctly shut down and shows "ghost sessions" all over. - but
sddm is not plasma.
Networkmanager applet got better but is still not perfect.
there are some hickups with oriental fonts and with the orthographic corrector
when using FF (as I did write here).
I have on one machine a serious problem to print and since Kernel 4 I cannot
use the keyboard of my ultrabase if not previously changing and giving the
password with the laptop-keyboard.
And I miss the KIM menue item to compress pdfs and so on. Do not know why it
doesn't work, but I miss it.

Tumbleweed: does a great job in seeing what is going to come. And what is going
to come is IMO pleasant. It seems faster than Leap on the same hardware but has
hick-ups from time to time especially because of graphic driver issues. So I
use it for the "fun part". For watching streaming, for playing, for the
ludicrous part. The update process via applet in Tumbleweed I find it greatly
improved now.

I cannot share so much of the blame on Leap not being for work, as, mainly, I
feel it is O.K. for most of common use cases. That 13.2 was a great edition
right. The friend I assist still have it. But it was also not without error. An
error was not to continue to maintain KDE4.
Besides, KDE in the 13.2 version was all end of development. To have a
comparison one would have to compare 4.7. Now that was....less stable? Should I
say this? (Do you remember the but in KDE PIM where everybody, even the
restaurants appeared to have suddenly a birthday and all on the same day? 30
contacts with the same birthday? wow.
And the problem of using gpg cryptographic keys. And the NW problems and the
VPN ones.
Stability comes from time and investment of people who care.

So, I do not know. Leap could be O.K. for you. All depends on your use case

P.S. Crashes.......some time went by that I did not experience any. So at least
with inteldriver on a notebook, seems stable. YMMV

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