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Re: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed
On 02/06/2016 06:10 AM, Richard Brown wrote:
On 6 February 2016 at 12:53, Frans de Boer <frans@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear reader,

When I initially tried Leap, the stability was a disaster. So, I went back
to Tumbleweed. Which at the time was stable enough. However, from time to
time I still have to go back to 13.2 because Tumbleweed is not always so

Leap is now around for some time, so I wonder if it is stable enough
nowadays to be used instead of 13.2. The later is kind off showing his age.

I know now that using Tumbleweed is participating in a lottery, but has
OpenSUSE nothing newer to offer which is just as stable as 13.2 is?

Hi Frans

openSUSE Leap is more stable, reliable, and polished than 13.2 is.
While I admit that Plasma 5 doesn't quite meet the same level of
quality as we were used to with KDE 4 in 13.2, our KDE team have done
an amazing job of rectifying that and if that isn't good enough for
you Leap contains several other desktop environments that you can try
- all are equally supported by the openSUSE Project, we're
desktop-agnostic after all.

If you want a stable openSUSE that doesn't change every day, that's
the one to go for

Tumbleweed is not like participating in a lottery. It is the reliable
rolling release. It works, it's reliable, but I avoid using the word
'stable' when describing tumbleweed because stable, to me, implies
'not changing', and of course change is part of the point of

13.2 is just too long in the tooth for any of my use cases and with
too short a supported lifespan (expected end-of-life Jan 2017) for me
to realistically recommend to anyone. If it works for you though,
that's fine with me :)


Leap for unchanging reliableness
Tumbleweed for changing reliableness
13.2 if you're prepared to upgrade in less than 12 months


Has anybody loaded the devel:libraries:c_c++.repo?

That was the last thing I remember doing before my previous Leap system became unbootable. Zypper listed many conflicts, so I rebooted and never could get it back. Could just be a coincidence, but it is a costly experiment to try again. Has anybody else done this?

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