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Re: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed
On 02/06/2016 06:40 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 02/06/2016 08:10 AM, Richard Brown wrote:
On 6 February 2016 at 12:53, Frans de Boer <frans@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

openSUSE Leap is more stable, reliable, and polished than 13.2 is.
While I admit that Plasma 5 doesn't quite meet the same level of
quality as we were used to with KDE 4 in 13.2, our KDE team have done
an amazing job of rectifying that and if that isn't good enough for
you Leap contains several other desktop environments that you can try
- all are equally supported by the openSUSE Project, we're
desktop-agnostic after all.

Indeed, I can see that the platform on which any desktop runs has to be
'agnostic'. But the reality is that some of only really perceive and
interact with the desktop layer I'm sure if KDE4.14 was the default
rather that Plasma5 many of the complaints about Leap would either not
have been posted here or could have been more specific.

As it stands, I'm sure many people are like Franz, discouraged by the
number of complaints here. I am.

We've had discussions here about USB3 speeds and many of us such or can
get cards with such quite easily. q.v those threads. A proper LiveUSB,
as oppose to what seems to be the cutdown versions, something that is
'real' in that it has a number of desktops to compare, can add
repositories for out 'pet' interests (audio, video, photography and so
on) and really compare Leap to the 13.1/13/2 systems we're running is

Install Leap on a USB?
I see that Don has been trying that and venting his frustrations here.

I'm OK with experimenting and learning the apps I want to use, but as
far as the underlying things such as installation go, I want it to work.
I may see ways round some of the problems Don raises, but the fact that
he raises them at all bothers me. At one time, various magazines, even
the ones more oriented to Windows that only looked at Linux out of
curiosity, opinioned that Suse has the smoothest, easiest installer.
Now I wonder.

If you want a stable openSUSE that doesn't change every day, that's
the one to go for

Tumbleweed is not like participating in a lottery. It is the reliable
rolling release. It works, it's reliable, but I avoid using the word
'stable' when describing tumbleweed because stable, to me, implies
'not changing', and of course change is part of the point of

Well, there I have to disagree.
Try this;

Take the spare tyre out of your car at the top of a hill and let it roll
down the hill, Run along beside it. After 30 feet or so try pushing it
over. Try dropkicking it over.

I assure you, that changing wheel is quite stable!

Then again, many of us see 'stability' as "working properly" or perhaps
"immune to security flaws" and want the flaws in (a) the specific
applications we use and (b) the kernel to be fixed ASAP. Linux has
always taken the high ground over security - well perhaps not quite as
high as BSD - but a secure kernel is important and that does mean
updates when they come out. I use the KERNEL_STABLE repository for that
reason and find updates about once a week.

We have these option.
That is the point. We have options.
Your use case may not admit 13.2, but some people have pointed out that
10.1 is adequate for THEIR use case.

If we want a system where the updates and upgrades are forced upon us
whether we want that or not, where, if we're happy with a particular
release or need it for compatibility with some application we have, but
have an upgrade forced upon us that breaks it and breaks our business
process, then we'd be using Microsoft Windows.

That is the point. We have options.

Just in defense, I have been able to build USB drives for some time. I use them for system backup and to transport identical systems to all of my laptops. My recent problem has been with Leap and the wwn mapping for my SSD drives. Works well with my rotating media. I need Leap for the V4 kernel series which supports my video card, as stated in the nouveau lists.


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