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Re: [opensuse] Please help with what is next step on bug report ?
don fisher composed on 2016-02-05 20:53 (UTC-0700):

Sorry for the screw up in numbers. You are correct. But my question
still stands, what do I do next? I am trying to build a new system,
specifying in the partition manager that I wanted to use device names
rather than UUIDs. But when I examine the fstab, the swap and home
partition are listed by device name, but the system partition is still
listed by UUID:-( I don't know enough of the internals any more to
understand what broke here.

If you have any thoughts please let me know. Enough for today:-)

If you partition and format prior to beginning installation, you can set
whatever UUIDs and LABELS you please. Then during installation, you specify
by label for each individual partition you select for mounting, and by-label
will be used by the new fstab. If yo have a problem with the label for the
swap, just specify no swap during installation, and add it to fstab after
installation is otherwise complete.
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