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Re: [opensuse] Writing coments on photos problem - yes, again! O:-)
On 02/01/2016 03:43 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2016-02-01 18:49, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 02/01/2016 11:24 AM, jdd wrote:

This if fine if, as John points out, you're doing holiday snapshots.
But why do that with a $1,000+ DSLR/lens combo when you can do JPG
snapshots with a $100 P&S.

Because the optics and capabilities are better, for instance ;-)

I think you would be surprised.
I also think that this is a line that can easily degenerate into a
pizzing match. It gets back to "adequate for the task" and a that gets
back to "you'd be surprised at some of the optics of small cameras".

Oh, and skill very often trumps technology!

When doing "pleasure photos" I have the choice of taking my pocket
Samsung or my D3200 Nikon (which is classified as entry level!). Depends
if I want ease of movement or good optics (including a high resolution

I differ. I agree with a couple of acquaintances who are professionals.
A "carry camera" goes everywhere with you, except possible to bed and
the shower. "G", One of the professionals I know, and industrial
photographer, who has a Nikon system with about ... gee it must be well
into half a million dollars if equipment based around 4 or five high end
DSLRs and quality optics beyond your drams, has tow "carry cameras" that
go everywhere with him, regardless. A CANON G10 and a CANON G11. When
I asked him about upgrading my Sony he told me "forget that, get a G12,
about $400 on eBay. Even s/h it's a better buy than anything you can
afford from Sony". My other acquaintance who used to be "G's"
apprentice is completely Canon, and he agreed with this. I also have an
older, more modest canon which is one of my favourites from a handling
POV. I'm tempted.

There is absolutely no justification in any assertion that a "carry
camera" that will fit in your pocket or even tour shirt pocket need have
inferior optics or an inferior sensor. Smaller, yes: inferior no.

And anyway, the software, the internal processor, issues like start-up
and focus speed matter. If that 20M Sony for US$63 handled RAW I'd snap
it up.

On top of all that, a micro-four-thirds with a pancake lens from Olympus
can match a Nikon or Canon or the high end Sony that cost ten times the
price. And it too is a pocket sized camera. I borrowed one for a trip
a couple of years back and was reluctant to return it.

I may take a hundred photos, most of them just for remembrance, but then
I may spot an eagle doing circles above me, and I know the pocket is not
up to the task.

So? That in no way invalidates any of what I've said above.

Yesterday I lost a wonderful sunset. I had company and I could not find
an advantage watching point.

That's a completely different issue.
I could get some great sunsets if it wasn't for the tall buildings
around. Oh, right, I could go to the top of one. Only they are
restricted access ... even tenants can't go on the roof.
That's another way of saying "I could not find an advantage watching point".

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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