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Re: [opensuse] Re: uefi on the second disk
Le 01/02/2016 18:12, Andrei Borzenkov a écrit :

No, it does not. efibootmgr has no defaults and grub-install by default
is using whatever is mounted as /boot/efi.

no. efibootmgr have many defaults (simply looks at the man page), and by the way yast do not seems to use the mounted partition, I also tried that - or not exactly, see below.

But I could fix the problem by two means.

After a lot of tests, I finally could use efibootmgr

efibootmgr do not look at all at the EFI folder if not instructed to do so. It only looks at the nvram variables of the uefi system.

To be able to add an entry in the nvram, you have first to get yast to build the boot system, then copy it if necessary in a subfolder of /boot/efi/EFI in the wanted disk.

then issue the command line as root (parenthesis are comments, do not write them) - all on the same line:

efibootmgr -c (-c to "create")
-p 1 (number of the EFI partition on the disk, beginning with 1, which is the default)
-d /dev/sdb (default is sda, if you use sda better not write the option at all)
-L "jdd" (name of the option in the efi menu)
- l "\EFI\opensuse\grubx64.efi" opensuse is the name of the folder, it's a windows thing, so the backslash, the root of the system is the efi partition for us mounted on /boot/efi.

As far as I know, this command just add the entry and return the new nvram list, after that you will find it in the efi boot menu and in the UEFI options.

It's not necessary to mount anything for this command to work, nothing is verified at this moment, so why testing is so long, any test needs reboot...

you can add several entries, with different syntax, for make testing easy.

The relevant command for my config booted, but with no grub menu (may be because there is only one config on this disk)

BUT. Making all this led me to understand what the UFI asked me to enter in the menu options "add en entry" of my asus s400c laptop.

I had to enter a name (no need to quote), choose the disk (very obscure list of two elements, I think some sort of UUID), give a "path". This one was what I could understand after the efibootmgr syntax: the "EFI\opensuse\grubx64.efi" part.

and this option gives the same result as the other.


yast is not always easy to manage, because it uses in the third tab (choosing the default menu entry) the previous osprober recult, and osprober is only executed after the config is validated, so you have to make a "blank run" to update the boot entry list (the one of the grub menu), before being able to choose one...

a bit long, sorry
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