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[opensuse] maintaining dynamic ip addr, was: Writing coments on photos problem
* Carlos E. R. <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [02-01-16 09:20]:
On 2016-02-01 11:38, Per Jessen wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:

Anyway, it is not symmetric bandwidth. It is 300 Mbit download, and I
don't remember what upload, but much less, perhaps 30. Another
competitor offers 300 symmetric. I'll have to check again what I
really have now, then get dyndns or something (whatever my router
supports directly, I guess).

You can always run a dyndns update from a cronjob.

Yes, I know. But there will be an interval, after my ISP changes my IP
till the script runs, that they will not match.

My router has settings for, TZO, and No-IP. I have not
investigated any. At least, not recently.

Years ago, I managed to write a script that logged into my router and
interrogated it for the external IP. In my current router I don't see I
can do this. The advantage is that it is fast, not requiring to query an
external web page. I have a script that does this, but the response
takes several seconds and sometimes fails completely and has to be repeated.

following might help :) ::

# <--------- Cool Functions by Crouse-------->
# Cool Functions for your .bashrc file.

#myip - finds your current IP if your connected to the internet
myip ()
lynx -dump -hiddenlinks=ignore -nolist | awk '{
print $4 }' | sed '/^$/d; s/^[ ]*//g; s/[ ]*$//g'

#netinfo - shows network information for your system
netinfo ()
echo "--------------- Network Information ---------------"
/sbin/ifconfig | awk /'inet addr/ {print $2}'
/sbin/ifconfig | awk /'Bcast/ {print $3}'
/sbin/ifconfig | awk /'inet addr/ {print $4}'
/sbin/ifconfig | awk /'HWaddr/ {print $4,$5}'
myip=`lynx -dump -hiddenlinks=ignore -nolist |
sed '/^$/d; s/^[ ]*//g; s/[ ]*$//g' `
echo "${myip}"
echo "---------------------------------------------------"

# <--------- Cool Functions by Crouse-------->

Cool functions downloaded from IBM, freely available

And I have a script from noip which queries my ip addr and reports
changes back to adjusting when necessary. The query runs every
10 minutes but miniminal system load and only reports changes which only
happen if I *reset* my modem/router (not power cycle) or there is an
extended network outage (which has happened) or I direct the router to
request a new ip addr.

Except for wide network outage, I cannot remember a time when my system
was inaccessable from the net :) (fingers crossed).

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