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Re: [opensuse] Writing coments on photos problem - yes, again! O:-)
Carlos, et al --

I have loved watching all of this unfold! FWIW, I'm a hard-core
command-line guy and I keep my originals untouched and immediately
copy them to a parallel tree for stamping, editing, cropping, and
so on :-)

...and then Carlos E. R. said...
% On 2016-01-30 17:05, Anton Aylward wrote:
% > I forget if the gwenview/dolphin comments and stars are in a database
% > somewhere or in a hidden file.
% I had forgotten about the "KDE semantic whatever" (database?)
% Clearly I can not use gwenview to write the comments. Shotwell is a
% candidate, but I'd prefer something similar to gwenview, because it runs
% faster and doesn't "import" photos. A GUI tool, not CLI.

One other suggestion, since in your rundown of tools I don't think you
ever found one suitable all the way through...

What is the gwenview DB format? Can you parse it? If you like the tool,
go ahead and use it for "Stage 1", and then -- once you have comments for
all of your files -- move on to "Stage 2" and use a script to extract
the comments and apply them to the EXIF fields. Yes, that part is
[delightfully :-] CLI, but you get to do your work where you're most


David T-G

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