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Re: [opensuse] How to generate grubx64.efi
31.01.2016 23:07, Hans de Faber пишет:
In general: Please answer only if have knowledge of the subject.

1. There is only one efi partition and is always mounted, operating
systems are differentiated by directory name
2. on the efi partition only the directory that belongs to the running
os is updated.
3. the updated grubx64.efi points directly to the grub of the running os.

That's misunderstanding. First stage grub2 image (which grubx64.efi
effectively is) has no idea about "running os" whatsoever. What it needs
to know is where its binaries (loadable modules) are located and where
to read configuration script (grub.cfg) from. That information is indeed
embedded in this image.

My standalone grubpartition has its own grubx64.efi and has no kernels
onboard and can not be updated in the normal way.

grub2-install *is* the normal way to update grub2 installation and it
absolutely does not depend on having any (Linux) kernel on partition
where grub2 is installed.

For that reason i have to do it by hand.

Grub-install is collection of procedures and programs and i want to
known which part (program) creates the grubx64.efi and is there any

grub2-install on current versions of openSUSE (13.2, Leap and TW) is
single binary. You need to tell it

a) where GRUB binaries will be installed (--boot-directory)
b) where ESP is mounted (--efi-directory)
c) how subdirectory on ESP will be named (--bootloader-id)
d) whether you want it to update EFI boot menu entry (--no-nvram).

There is man page and some description in grub2 info documentation.
Whether openSUSE includes something else I simply do not know.

Op 31-01-16 20:09, jdd schreef:
Le 31/01/2016 19:36, Andrei Borzenkov a écrit :

To install grub2 you use grub2-install. That is true for every supported
platform including EFI. On 64 bit EFI it will generate grubx64.efi among
other things.

may be the need is only to mount the efi partition under /boot/EFI,
update with yast and umount


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