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Re: [opensuse] How to generate grubx64.efi
31.01.2016 21:01, Hans de Faber пишет:

Op 31-01-16 17:14, Andrei Borzenkov schreef:
31.01.2016 18:31, Hans de Faber пишет:
Hello everybody,

On my desktopcomputer i have a standalone boot partition a real
orphan,no kernel and no operating system looks for it.
It is a stable and customized, al my opensuse flavours boots are
adressed via this partition no problems at all.
But i added win10 and that doesn't work.
I have to generate a new grubx64.efi !
note: Every boot is a non secure boot, so no shim load.
I miss relationship between these two statements. How is grub related to
Windows 10? May be if you start with telling what you try to achieve
(instead of how you want to do it) it will be easier to give correct
Every *.efi has a PHYSICAL connection (device partition directory) in
binary to the item it boots (grub) .
So i can not copy a working one.
A *.efi file has also some match with the booting os.
Booting opensuse flavors works, on windows i get the error "symbol
'grub_efi_find_last_device_path' not found".
There is some mismatch with the .efi file.
The versions of grub are identical

I re-read it five times and still cannot make head nor tail of it. You
apparently did something (but you did not describe what) and you
expected result different from what you got (but you describe neither
what you expected not what you got).

Which program or procedure in leap42.1 does the job ?
This happens automatically if you install on UEFI based system.
Of course but not for a standalone grub environment
The .efi file is generated somewhere in the bootconfig proces.
There is a easy but timeconsuming workaround, Install another opensuse
and use a separate bootpartition, throw away the os and keep the
But I want to learn something about the uefi boot and the goal is this
time "How to generate grubx64.efi

I have hard time to believe this is goal ... rather means to achieve

To install grub2 you use grub2-install. That is true for every supported
platform including EFI. On 64 bit EFI it will generate grubx64.efi among
other things.

Is there any documentation on generating a uefi environment ?
I do not understand what "generating a uefi environment" means.
Everthing that should be done to boot a kernel from uefi.
A good starting point to read is
But for now is there any opensuse document what describes programs and
parameters in the efi part of make-grub-config ??

Sorry, what is "make-grub-config"? This is the first time I hear about it.

Thanks, Hans

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