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Re: [opensuse] question on tunderbird/seamonkey mail imap offline mirroring
On 01/29/2016 12:10 PM, Istvan Gabor wrote:

My IMAP mailbox at my ISP is close to full. I would like to delete
most of its content form the IMAP server but keep messages locally.

I use seamonkey mail (almost equal to thunderbird if I know
correctly) with configured IMAP mailboxes. There is an option for
download/synchronize messages for offline use which makes a local
copy of the messages. My question is if I use this method, and delete
messages on the server afterwards not from seamonkey mail (eg in
webmail), will be the local messages deleted after a new connection
started from seamonkey mail? In other words is the synchronization
bi-directional or uni-directional?

If bi-directional, what would be the most effective way to clear the
server while keeping local messages with possibly maintaining the
original directory tree?

Personally I think you're making a big issue of something simple.

While my ISP offers the option of taking a tar.gz snapshot of the
mailbox, you're might not. Have you even asked?

I use thunderbird. I have a set of local folders as well as all my IMAP
accounts. I can create new folders there. I also have a local dovecot
server and local hierarchy in which I archive.

Thunderbird is very configurable. I can set the location of the
archives to be a local folder, and the archive format to be by year. I
can then simply click to select the messages I want archived and use the
'archive' menu option.

And "oh what a coincidence!" that location is in the tree that dovecot

If I wanted to I could also drag-and-drop from the remote inbox (or a
subfolder) to a folder elsewhere, on another server, on the dovecot
tree, or to a local folder.

You may think that running a local dovecot is too complex.
We;ll, I was storing are the files as you are asking about and thought
"how can I access these?". Using the same interface I can now access
them. I really LIKE Thunderbird.

So, how equal, how configurable is seamonkey?

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
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