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Re: [opensuse] Leap / Tumbleweed Ogg / Amarok and (minor) VLC problem: very speedy ogg reproduction.

On 27/01/2016 20:54, John Andersen wrote:
On 01/27/2016 09:14 AM, stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I possess several audio CDs that I ripped in the past. I have a mp3 version and
an ogg version of the tracks. It is speech so you can note the speed
particularly well.
Up to leap everything was fine, the files are older about 5 years old. But since I
installed leap I was baffled by a "phenomenon" hitting as it seems ogg files.
The are reproduced ca 1.5 times speedier in Amarok and 1.25 times speedier in VLC.

I can only guess speed, I think in Amarok it is even faster as the women have the "Mickey
Mouse" factor. The VLC problem is solved by hitting twice "slightly slower" when you
reach normal. In case there is the mp3 version available, the problem does not seem to be there or
it is not apparent enough to let me note it.
I am using the packman versions codecs but I have also leap with opensuse ones
and Tumbleweed and.....astonishingly it is the very same.
So this hits here leap and tumbleweed, amarok (a lot) and vlc (less).
On a AMD 64 plattform with nvidia and on a laptop with intel 915. ironlake.

What could that be? Is that already known or should I open a bug.
In Amarok as I cannot use ogg anymore that is a hindrance. In VLC I can
regulate the speed so that mitigates it a bit.

I only found some very old events like this on google (from 2010).

Since these are only audio, what other players have you tested?
Are there some that are short enough to time with a stopwatch to determine the
% of difference.

What about playing them with ogg123 (command line player)?

Or with "play" which is part of the sox package?

If you convert a mickey-mouse sounding ogg file to mp3 with something like
sox mickey.ogg mickey.mp3
Does the mickey.mp3 sound too fast?

You could also try ffplay from ffmpeg which might help to narrow the problem.
Dave P

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