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Re: [opensuse] Bootup of Luks partitions not waiting long for Password
24.01.2016 02:34, John Andersen пишет:
On 1/23/2016 3:30 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2016-01-24 00:15, John Andersen wrote:
On 1/23/2016 3:06 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:

That's because you probably have set grub delay to zero. You don't get a
chance that way to choose which kernel to boot. Of course,
if you are booting an hibernating machine, any menu is disabled

I certainly don't remember making such a choice. Nor do I know where to do
so. Same place?

In YaST, module boot loader.

Also in "/etc/default/grub", value "GRUB_TIMEOUT". Typical is "8". Then run
the command the comments tell to run to apply. Same file as
you disable plymouth.

I did the above things as you instructed.

Yes, timeout 8 there, but the timeout between Welcome to Grub and Plymouth is
typically zero.

You may have "stuck" hibernation; what

grub2-editenv - list

says? (It is really lone `-' there).

There is another thing in there called hidden timeout. Maybe I will mess
with that.

And the time out waiting for a LUKS password is still around 5 to 7 seconds.

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