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Re: [opensuse] What do you use for skype?
On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 12:59 AM, gumb <gumb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've been desperate to ditch Skype. It was once a peer-to-peer network but
MS invested in 10,000 *linux* servers to handle all Skype calls in one big
datacenter, all happily overlooked and screened by the western world's
security services. Then they did something despicable and against all the
ethics of the open source world. They held all users of the (proprietary)
Linux client to ransom in summer 2014 by remotely terminating the
functionality of older versions, forcing users to upgrade to version 4.3,
which also required other more stringent login measures and ruled out the
use of any other sound system than PulseAudio.

Our company is married to MS. I and a few others use Linux (we, the
unfaithful). In fact, our product is fully based on Linux. We are the
odd ones here. I can do almost everything required in the company via
my openSUSE desktop. Except time reports (a Java app called Maconomy
that insists on using a non-Linux Java and that seems to check bits
here and there to be sure it is running on Windows - a claim of
increased security...) and MS Lync. I understand that Lync is now
called something like Skype for Business. I think this is what
happened when MS changed Skype in 2014. Users of Skype can access MS
Lync. So, I have been following Skype for Linux to see when/if I can
access Lync (video, audio, shared desktop). Still a no-go.

I have been using Skype from,
which ensures the correct 32-bit libs are installed and fetches skype.
This Skype for Linux is not Skype for Business. I do not think there
is a Linux version. But it installs and works fine on Leap.

With a bit of exploring, I see that there is a claim of Skype for
Business here:

This is not free. But one can evaluate it with time limited
connections. They have a 64-bit openSUSE RPM.

The problem is that I am running openSUSE 12.3 where I want to run
this, and there are missing libraries after the install, which I have
not yet had a chance to resolve. Anyone use this?

Roger Oberholtzer
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