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Re: [opensuse] plasmashell in Leap 42.1
On 01/20/2016 03:59 PM, George Olson (SUSE list) wrote:
When I first installed Leap on my laptop, I was having the same thing happen,
and it turned out it
was the baloo file indexer. After about 10 hours when it finished indexing
everything, it went back
to normal. Still, though, there is something buggy about it, because it
shouldn't bog up the system
like that.

What the GP is describing has nothing to do with Baloo.

And Baloo doe snot index one'e entire machine, it only indexes you personal
directory. /home/george

If Baloo gets hung up its usually something totally strange or a basically
broken file system, or
someone mounting some mountain of files or DVD images in their home directory.

In fact, Baloo is quite broken now, in that it won't index plain text files
unless they have
an extension of .txt and are less than 50k. (Like an extension ever really
mattered in Linux).
I've filed a bug report about that. I have a mountain of source code I keep an
index of, and
it will no longer index those files because the extension is not txt. FFS what
were they thinking?

Oh, also, there is a nasty first run issue in Baloo if you had an older version
because they changed indexer back-ends from Xapian (which still gets installed
for this purpose) to
LMDB (from the OpenLdap project), which is a memory mapped database. So
Converting from
Xapian to LMDB on the fly AND having a big database of existing scanned
documents is another

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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