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Re: [opensuse] darktable update
* buhorojo <buhorojo.lcb@xxxxxxxxx> [01-20-16 18:12]:
On 20/01/16 21:58, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* buhorojo <buhorojo.lcb@xxxxxxxxx> [01-20-16 15:48]:
Hi and TIA because we really don't know how to ask this question.

We tried Darktable 2 from
graphics repository. We could go back to 1.6 by removing 2, removing the
repository and then reinstalling. I'm sure there's a more elegant way, but

No, the library.db from 1.6 is changed by 2.0 and not backward compatible.

Question: one day I suppose after an update, 2 will become the norm. Will it
still be possible to choose 1.6 when that happens?

Specifically, would we be able to keep the TCA lens adjust from 1.6 with 2?
You would better ask the darktable developers, but I don't believe that is
a dt function but provided by lensfun, but ...
Not sure about the vocabulary, but the TCA is available from lens correction
when chromatic aberration is on.

Generally, you would not want to return to 1.6.x as 2.0 is *much* improved
in *many* areas.
In 2, the read and blue sliders seem to have gone logarithmic and almost
impossible to control. In 1.6 it's nice and gradual.

Don't understand what you are saying here, but I haven't noticed it.

Please be more specific here, maybe you are seeing something that needs to
be fixed or have other problems rather than dt.

Happy user for > 2 years using latest git versions and working 8-10,000
shot a month.

Yeah, I'm sure it's just a tiny subset which seems to have gone wrong in our
install. It may also be that it is from the unstable repository (?)

If you think that, reinstall it.

I don't know that there is a version of darktable provided that is
"unstable" unless you would label the git version I run as unstable and
you don't run it. You know where you got it, why would you question it as
being unstable? Did you get it from a repo labled "unstable"?

But you must remember, the library.db from 1.6.x will be updated once you
run 2.0.x and you will not be able to use that library.db in any 1.6.x
version. You can only go back by restoring a library.db from backup or
starting with a new library.db.

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