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Re: [opensuse] darktable update
On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 3:46 PM, buhorojo <buhorojo.lcb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi and TIA because we really don't know how to ask this question.

We tried Darktable 2 from
graphics repository. We could go back to 1.6 by removing 2, removing the
repository and then reinstalling. I'm sure there's a more elegant way, but

Question: one day I suppose after an update, 2 will become the norm.

Maybe not for Leap 42.1. Typically a package in Leap should not see a
version update. I'm sure it will happen for some packagesda, but it
is preferred that any bug / security fixes be backported to the
version included in each distro release.

When Leap 42.2 is released roughly next November it will likely have
Darktable 2.

Will it
still be possible to choose 1.6 when that happens?

Not necessarily as far as I know, but you can always get older source.

== example of getting older source and compiling against factory ==

For darktable you can see all the revisions that have been pushed to factory at:

Rev 52 was the last 1.6.x version in factory.

You can see the source for rev 52 at:

You can create a local copy (branch) of that factory revision with:
"osc getpac darktable -r 52"

Assuming you have an account at "" the above will
create a new project in your home project and link it to the
appropriate instance of darktable source. It will also create a local
directory with a copy of the source files in it.

Then you can CD into the directory that was created and run a quick
build against the factory packages.

To invoke the build run this from the :

"osc build"

That will create a chroot jail and populate it with a bunch of
packages from factory and/or graphics. Then it builds the package as
you expect.

I just initiated a test build of darktable factory rev 52 on a Leap
42.1 install. It took 20 or so minutes to run and I now have RPMs for
darktable 1.6 built against factory.

Feel free to try the above and ask questions about any roadblocks you hit.

The above commands have lots of arguments. If you ever want to do
something like the above for real, you should ask for help on doing
exactly what you want to do.

In particular, if you want to install the RPMs you build on Leap, you
will likely want to build against Leap, not factory.


When you're done, it is good to delete any copies of packages you
created just to experiment with. I normally do that directly via the webui.

Hope that helps,
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