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Re: [opensuse] Firefox Private Browsing
On Tuesday 19 January 2016 22:33:27 Larry Stotler wrote:
I recently updated to v43.0.4 on 13.2/x64. I decided to enable all
private browsing in tabs & windows with it to see how it works.

However, when I open a new Private Window, it now opens my saved
homepage, which is an email service. And, instead of just showing a
login, it actually logs me in.

I thought that the Private Browsing was supposed to sandbox all
tabs/windows. No history is being recorded, but the fact that my
login is still being loaded leads me to believe that I'm not being
protected very well.

Does anyone else have this issue?

my experience was that a "private session" at least knows the adress bar
history from the normal session. "private session" basically means: "don't
track what happens during this session". It is not a clean state to start
with. So I don't trust the "private session" when I want to crosscheck login
problems on certain pages. You could start firefox with another profile, e.g.
use "--ProfileManager" command line option.
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