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Re: [opensuse] desktop icons and folderview swapping sides
On 01/16/2016 02:24 AM, ianseeks wrote:
Also make sure you have selected the Activity you thought you did. Those
things can multiply like rabbits if you give them their head.
I'm completely baffled by how the desktop is defined under plasma. if you
right click the desktop to access "Desktop Settings", you have to select
"Wallpaper" to change the type of desktop.

What I meant here was if you right click the screen, and select Activities,
you will see thumbnails of activities that you created (knowingly or

If you have more than one, things can get confusing. Each activity can contain
widgets/plasmoids/whatever in different combinations located in different

On more than one occasion, I've accidentally created new activities that were
pretty much indistinguishable from a previous one, and then wondered why changes
I made to one or the other always seemed to revert.

I currently use exactly one activity, and then I use different desktops
within that single activity. In KDE4, you could have different wallpaper
on each desktop, but the programmers forgot how to do this and stripped out
this capability in their relentless bid to force activities down our throats.
I suspect future versions of KDE will simply get rid of multiple desktops
all together. Now that, after 20 years, these are available in Windows 10
so KDE will have to drop them.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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