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Re: [opensuse] Re: alternatives to pk-update-icon
David Hume schrieb am 15.01.2016 um 21:59:
Patrick Shanahan <paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

* David Hume <a10086773@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [01-15-16 12:56]:
I had pk-update-icon installed, but it was notifying me of updates which
would then fail to install. On the last occasion I ran zypper and it
said there was nothing to do. So I un-installed pk-update-icon, but is
there some other thing which will notify of updates?

zypper ref;zypper lu

you could even assign it to a cron or at job

I put

xterm -hold -e "zypper ref ; zypper lu" &

into .xsession, but it said the zypper ref required root priv., so I
guess it is not going to work without that.

You might want to add a "sudo" at the start of the zypper command, plus
a corresponding line in /etc/sudoers :)

The command would be "sudo /usr/bin/zypper ref ; sudo /usr/bin/zypper
lu". Since the default for zypper is to check the freshness of the repos
anyway, I normally omit the "zypper ref" part and only use "zypper lu".

The line in /etc/sudoers would be something like

youruser ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/zypper lu, NOPASSWD:
/usr/bin/zypper ref

You also can simply allow /usr/bin/zypper without parameters, that
depends on your security ideas.

Please use visudo to edit the file, it will do a syntax check when saving :)


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