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Re: [opensuse] Network set up after crash
On 01/14/2016 05:34 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 01/14/2016 11:31 PM, don fisher wrote:
On 01/14/2016 03:04 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
ifconfig -a
I did the ifconfig as you suggested and it just listed the three devices
as expected. I think something is broken in my routing maybe? When I
click on an old link in thunderbird it claims it cannot reach But if I enter just into Google it opens, so
the rest of the link cannot be resolved.

If you can type a site name and it opens in firefox, then you do have

But what you describe is very confusing.

Try in a terminal:

host -v
host -v

and copy here all the results.

I am sorry for two reasons. One I said Thunderbird above when it should have been Firefox. Two, some of the pages that were in tabs are reachable, but nothing they reference is. I can open a Google window and enter a site name and it is reached (sometimes) but if I try and use one of my bookmarks to access a site I receive "Unable to Connect".

routel gives the following, which appears to me to link to nothing. That is why I thought my routing tables (they existed in the old days) were deleted or corrupted. But I cannot find them in openSuse. If you do a man -k route many pages are listed, but most refer to files and/or commands that are not in this system, e.g.. ifroute. How does one set up routes?


target gateway source proto scope dev tbl 24 kernel linkwlp11s0 broadcast kernel link lo local 8 local kernel host lo local local kernel host lo local broadcast kernel link lo local broadcast kernel linkwlp11s0 local local kernel hostwlp11s0 local broadcast kernel linkwlp11s0 local
::1 local kernel lo
2601:500:8000:bbb4::/ 64 kernel wlp11s0
fda6:1c9c:a527::/ 64 kernel wlp11s0
fe80::/ 64 kernel wlp11s0
default fe80::5a6d:8fff:feac:3813 ra wlp11s0
default unreachable kernel lo unspec
::1 local none lo local
2601:500:8000:bbb4:c238:96ff:fe60:4179 local none lo local
2601:500:8000:bbb4:c4e3:637f:6c65:b3e6 local none lo local
fda6:1c9c:a527:0:c238:96ff:fe60:4179 local none lo local
fda6:1c9c:a527:0:c4e3:637f:6c65:b3e6 local none lo local
fe80::c238:96ff:fe60:4179 local none lo local
ff00::/ 8 wlp11s0 local
default unreachable kernel lo unspec

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