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Re: [opensuse] Debian and swap
jdd composed on 2016-01-13 16:26 (UTC+0100):

Carlos E. R. composed:

I don't know if Debian install allows it, but the trick would be to tell
it to use and not format the swap partition. openSUSE allows this.

I know for openSUSE, but from memory Debian is not as detailed as
openSUSE at this step

If it's possible in Debian, howto is a secret.

If not, then you have to change the uuid or whatever in openSUSE to match.

the simpler way is probably not to add the swap at install time and add
it after

This is how I've been doing it. I've found no other way from the Debian side
to deal with the problem. Editing fstab later is simple enough, and my fstabs
mount native filesystems by label anyway, human manageable, unlike UUIDs.

anyway, one need to know the feature in case of multiboot :-(

So I had to learn it many moons ago.
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