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Re: [opensuse] 13.2, 42.1, TW "installed" printer cannot print on any installation except one 42.1
John Andersen composed on 2016-01-10 16:47 (UTC-0800):

Felix Miata wrote:

Can anyone see in any of those logs what I need to do to get any 13.2, 42.1
or TW installation besides this one to print anything?

Sorry, coming late to this thread, Wanted to double check some things:
Is this your printer:


As joe user, can you telnet to the printer?


http to the printer?


As root?


This line:...

D [07/Jan/2016:16:23:43 -0500] [Job 3] Unable to auto-configure PostScript
Printer - no bidirectional I/O available! worrisome to me.

Me too.



ipv4/ipv6 problem ?

No idea how it could be.

Things are looking up. I've now tried on a 5th & 6th host, big31 & big41. The
same installation script from Brother works in:

Fedora 23 cups 2.1.2 KDE5 big31
Rawhide cups 2.1.2 KDE5 big31
LMDE2 Betsy cups 1.7.5 (debian) big31
Mageia 5 cups 2.0.2 KDE5 big31
42.1 cups 1.7.5 XFCE big41
42.1 cups 1.7.5 KDE3 big31
42.1 cups 1.7.5 IceWM gx62b
42.1 cups 1.7.5 KDE3 gx745
13.2 cups 1.5.4 KDE4 big31
13.1 cups 1.5.4 TDE big31

Same Brother script retried after either removing broken existing printer
with YaST2, or having no printer already configureed, and removing existing
driver packages with zypper again failed to produce a test page in:

TW cups 2.1.0 KDE5 big31
TW cups 2.1.0 KDE5 big41
TW cups 2.1.0 KDE5 gx62b
TW cups 2.1.0 KDE4 gx745
TW cups 2.1.0 KDE3 hpg33
42.1 cups 1.7.5 KDE5 hpg33
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