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Re: [opensuse] Installation DVD is horrible!
don fisher composed on 2016-01-12 16:26 (UTC-0700):

I have been trying to build a bootable USB drive on my 13.2 system. I
plug in the USB drive, BOOT the installation DVD and select
installation. I get to where it shows the devices, and select the Create
Partition .. and choose the USB drive. I then have to go to Expert
Partitioner to set up swap, /, and home partitions. But even after doing
all that, when I start the build the damn thing first formats the USB
swap partition, and then mounts a swap partition from another drive, so
my fstab is corrupted. Why does it refuse to honour my request to use
the USB drive? Is there a trick I am missing?

The USB drive already had valid partitions on it when I started. I told
the system I wanted to use all three, by checking them in the usage
menu. But it then reformatted the disk, removing the existing swap and
making the first partition /. It was intending to use the same swap it
attached above.

I do not think this should not be this hard. Why is swap so hard to deal

I'm guessing you're not actually in expert mode. On "Suggested Partitioning" what you
actually need to select is "Create", not "Expert". Only then will YaST's
partitioner do only what you specify instead of allowing you to modify its
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