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Re: [opensuse] I am confused: "high end" graphics Laptop for Suse (in Spain)?
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On 01/12/2016 12:09 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2016-01-12 20:18, Daniel Bauer wrote:
Am 12.01.2016 um 19:55 schrieb jdd:
Le 12/01/2016 19:29, Daniel Bauer a écrit :

and by the way, may be you over estimate your power needs.

this is very well possible!

I only know that my PC (intel i7 950@3.07 GHz, 16GB mem, Nvidia GTX 460)
often comes to its
limits when I have large files with several layers open in Gimp (can go to
several hundreds
of MB), and even more, when I have to use Win in Virtualbox for the

These are specific tasks.

Let me see, long time I read about this. I don't know if Gimp is (well)
threaded or not. Then,
it is possible that it is not using RAM fully, but swapping to temporary
files when it hits
some defined limits in its configuration. Edit/preferences, Environment, and
maybe somewhere

Then, in my experience virtualized Windows is specially slow. In your case,
you have to make
sure that the guest has enough RAM available/reserved for its use, and enough
CPU cores. I
can't tell you exactly what to adjust, because when I need power in Windows I
double boot to it

I suppose that Canon tool doesn't work with wine?

I tend to agree that /tmp space may be hurting these large jobs. Even for
DVD burning I had to move the temp space used by the apps (two different
programs) to
a different partition because of the games played with tmp in systemd world.
(files never purged, some times its a ram disk, etc).

And the virtual machines issue: everything that Carlos said is true, but I find
that Vmware is very much better at this performance game than some of the
I just don't have problems with Virtualized windows installations (other than
They run very fast, given enough memory.

If you boil it all down, it come to _MORE RAM PLEASE !!!_

Check the maximum possible ram configuration, (And don't necessarily believe
they tell you).

Then, if budget constraints exist buy half of that, pre-installed demanding
empty slots.
Then buy the rest when prices drop.

Or buy the smallest configuration and replace it all from some place reputable,
get a return guarantee if it doesn't work.

I use but I call them up and talk to them. They know the maximums
each machine will take, (regardless of what the manufacturer says) and they will
tell you this on the phone but maybe not in writing.
My current machine is running twice the ram that the manufacturer
said it would run.

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