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Re: [opensuse] Regarding Carlos ER's Mailinglist Ban
On 12/01/16 04:16, Richard Brown wrote:
Hi all,

Thanks to those participating in the conversation concerning mailing
list moderation that did not resort to personal attacks, name calling,
or implying ill will towards any particular member of the community.

We have reviewed both the direct feedback to board@xxxxxxxxxxxx and
all comments of the various threads and have come to the following
While the imposed ban on Carlos from the lists was justified, well
intentioned and has resolved the disruption that was occurring on some
lists, in retrospect the ban had further reaching impacts than
expected, including removing a good source of help from this
opensuse@o.o mailinglist. For that, we would like to apologise.

We have asked the ML admin team to re-instate Carlos on opensuse@.o.o
while keeping the positing restriction on other lists in place until
February 14th.

Again thanks to those participating in the discussion that focused on
the matter of the issue.

The openSUSE Board
Andrew Wafaa
Bruno Friedmann
Kostas Koudaras
Michal Hrušecký
Richard Brown (Chair)
Robert Schweikert

Now that all members of the Board have acknowledged, and have apologised
for doing so, that they were in error when they allowed the Board
Chairman announce the banning of Carlos from posting in all lists and
fora, there remains one more action which the current members of the
Board must make which would make the Community, to which the Board is
responsible, happier about the actions of the current members of the
Board, which they agreed to take, concerning the Carlos ER matter.

In the excuses which were proffered by the Board for the banning of
Carlos much was made of Carlos' "behaviour" in the *-factory mail list.

It was also brought to everyone's attention that Carlos got some
moderator's/moderators' "gander up" in the fora (aka 'forums') -- which
are different to the mail lists.

It appeared from the limited posts which Carlos was allowed to make
before he was summarily banned from all lists and fora that he had
"served his time" re the penalty imposed way back in October 2015 on him
regarding his participation in the fora -- but that this was ignored and
the fora were nevertheless included in the [later/latest] summary ban.

The current Board has now made the correct decision and has taken the
right step in redeeming its reputation by apologising for banning Carlos
from -- at least -- the 'opensuse' list, a list which was never stressed
as a list of contention for Carlos' banning.

The members of the current Board -- which has only a couple of weeks or
so of existence left before the result of the elections for its (new)
membership is known -- would leave their reputations in better shape if
they now *immediately* rescind the ban on Carlos' participation in all
fora and all -- bar one -- mail lists.

As an expression of reconciliation, and in the spirit of suggesting to
the members of the current Board that they do not further "lose face" in
this matter, even Carlos would accept that, as a compromise, an
inability for him to post to the opensuse-factory list could remain in
force until the 14th February 2016 -- but his posting rights to all
other lists and fora be immediately re-instated.


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