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Re: [opensuse] help with 4way_handshake_timeout
On 01/11/2016 02:40 PM, don fisher wrote:

The wireless card on one of my systems will not connect. I am running wicked
under 13.2. Looking at
Google, they suggest changing the channel to improve signal strength, or
extending the allowed time
out period. Is there a way under openSuse to read the signal strength? What
file needs to be
modified to extend the time out period? Or other suggestions if the above are
bogus hints.


Replying direct and to the list, because image attached.

If you use Network Management you can click on any connection and hit the
details tab to
find signal strength.

I don't know what wicked has for this.

If you are close to your router, changing channels won't matter. In my case Im
maybe 20 feet away
through a wall and I still have 80%. If other machines, and perhaps your cell
phone connect from
the same place as your computer than it is probably a bogus recommendation.

There are other issues to consider such as firmware (did you fetch it?)
and radio band (2.4 vs 5ghz)
and WIFI access point naming conventions that occasionally cause problems.

You can't change channel unless you control the router.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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