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Re: [opensuse] KDE Connect
On 01/11/2016 08:19 AM, Christopher Myers wrote:
Out of curiosity, do you have to do anything special to get them to connect
I've got KDE Connect installed on my Galaxy S5 (Lollipop) and oS 13.1 laptop,
to the same wireless network (no firewall running on the computer during
testing just to be safe,)
but they don't seem to see each other, even if I manually enter their
respective IP addresses.


No, I didn't have to do anything but install kde connect on my Opensuse box and
my Manjaro (arch)
box and connection was instant once I turned it on from kde "config desktop"
panel. (aka
"system settings" on some versions of kde.
My Opensuse is KDE 4.14.9 Manjaro is KDE Framework 5.17 - aka Plasma5).

I did not have to manually enter my linux boxes via manual IP. The Android app
found them
automatically, they appear and disappear from the available connection list on
android app almost instantly as they appear on the network.

_NOTE:_ The Android kde-connect app also finds other android devices running
the KDE Connect app
on the same network and you can also pair with them, and send files, and urls,
etc. You of course
have to accept pairing on the target device the first time, whether that device
is android or
linux. While I can pair two Linux machines through KDE Connect, there doesn't
seem to be any
functionality between the the two. You can't even ping each other from the
Desktop panel in KDE.

I've connected with two different mobile devices to the same opensuse machine
at the same time.
I've connected with an HTC phone and an Acer Tablet - Both running different
versions of Android.

I've used both wired connections on the linux box, as well as wifi, and I've
even switched from
wired to wifi and back again and the connections re-established themselves.

Some people reporting issues seem to be on Samsung devices. There might be
some sort of firewall
in the samsung that prevents connection. I don't know, as I don't have a
samsung device to test

My internal network (wired and wifi) is ipv4 only.

After you do make a connection from the phone to kde-connect,
Do go to Start-gecko, config Desktop, and Open KDEConnect which should appear
in the
hardware section, and check those things you want allow for each such

KDEConnect shows up in SuseFirewall in the pull-down list of services you can
When susefirewall is running, it will block kdeconnect unless/until you make
that adjustment, and
add it to the allowed list. Once that is done, it works fine. I've tested both
with and without
susefirewall turned on.

kdeconnect listens on port 1714, but will quickly move connections off of that
port once
you accept pairing requests on the linux box. (You do have to be watching the
box and accept pairing when you first attempt to connect).

Port 1714 appears to be officially reserved for instant messageing use.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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