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[opensuse] Leap, KDE, Bluetooth: how to create a special keyboard shortcut for an inside application function
Hello everybody.
a friend of mine has two PC.
a) a home PC midi tower with normal keyboard
b) a notebook

both have BT support.
She has bought a new mouse logitech BT587 and wants to do the following:
to take the mouse and use it regularly on both computers.

Problem is up to now that I cannot pair the device with both PC. Once it is
paired with one,
it does not function with the other (of course if the other PC is switched
off). The reason is the automated pair function.
1) can I "clone" the BT paired folder to the laptop to use the same device with
two computers?
2) can I pair both PCs without loosing the mouse on any of them and how would I
achieve this. (Leap, KDE)
3) if I cannot do so, there is a problem that arises. I can easily pair the
device because of the touchpad of the notebook.
But on the PC I have a problem because to pair it with the kde BT I need a
mouse, but that IS (or should be) my mouse.
So can I create a shortcut that corresponds to an easy keyboard function and
point it to the function of: "pair a new device"?
In that way that the BT search function opens, the mouse can be selected with
up/down keys between the devices and then enter key will pair
and from there on the mouse is available, problem solved...

Thank you for all eventual solutions.

P.S. the user is not "CLI" expert so to define a keyboard shortcut to reach
from "naked started desktop" would be the most viable solution
in case of case "3".

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