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Re: [opensuse] disabling KMS (nomodset)
Le 04/01/2016 20:15, Felix Miata a écrit :
jdd composed on 2016-01-04 12:32 (UTC+0100):

Yamaban composed:

also add "nomodeset" to the GRUB_CMDLINE*A

was not necessary at install time, but seems to be necessary now, don't
know why

Nomodeset disables the kernel's integral video mode
setting/switching/handling (KMS). With KMS disabled, FOSS video drivers for
Intel, AMD/ATI and NVidia gfxchips are disabled. With those drivers disabled,
X runs using a crippled driver (FBDEV or VESA) and mode (4:3 aspect modes
only). With KMS disabled, widescreen modes modern displays use are not
available, unless using a proprietary UMS driver that requires KMS be
disabled. The only UMS driver I'm familiar with that requires KMS be disabled
is NVidia, and by now disabling KMS for it may be automatic and unneeded on
the cmdline.

IOW, for most users, nomodeset is a troubleshooting parameter, so should not
be included on kernel cmdline for the default Grub stanza.

not true anymore

I have nomodeset and nvidia drivers are active, including nvidia control center... Leap way of life?

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