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Re: [opensuse] slow desktop action and hangs after upgrade to 42.1
On 01/02/2016 08:11 PM, stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

No, I would say this is a typical case of tradeoff. The niceness of baloo was
set to be not noticeable for
strong machines. Once done indexing you also do not "feel it" on less strong
machines. But as the
userbase of Linux is very widespread with young and nearly prehistoric
machines, what is O.K. for most
may not be O.K. for all.
So either you set the niceness of the process to a lower level manually or you
just wait after the first run
that the indexing has finished. I do not see any "problem" there.
If ever there is a problem it is as it always was: the QA process runs on
virtualized machines that do check for hardware
consistency but I do not think that these machines do also reproduce the
slowness of real hardware.
So if an indexing service can cause 8 seconds delays after the very first
install, maybe that is acceptable
provided(!) that the niceness is correct once the indexing has been run once.

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I have been on my machine now for about an hour with the new KDE after letting it run all night. No noticeable delays, seems like once the baloo thing passed through everything went clear. Thanks to everyone for your help!

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Laptop #2: 13.2 | KDE 4.14 | Core i7-4710HQ | 64 | 16GB
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