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RE: RE: [opensuse] slow desktop action and hangs after upgrade to 42.1
stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx schreef op 02-01-2016 13:11:

So if an indexing service can cause 8 seconds delays after the very
first install, maybe that is acceptable
provided(!) that the niceness is correct once the indexing has been run once.

For me, that would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be acceptable.

I do not know what land you live in but ordinary folk do not accept such things. Such a thing also never happens on 'any competing product'.

Windows or Mac operating systems do not create 8 second delays. For instance, you can run Winamp indexing service on an entire harddisk with
thousands of files it wants to know about and it will never cause any noticeable delays in anything.

As such, I even doubt if Baloo is the culprit here. But if it is taking up 5GB of ram, then maybe something is wrong regardless.

I did have 8-second delays on Windows recently. It was caused by corrupted user profiles. For the life of me I cannot imagine that Baloo would cause this.

It requires pretty expert programming to create a program that can disrupt a system to this large an extent. I don't think they are good enough for that ;-).

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