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RE: [opensuse] slow desktop action and hangs after upgrade to 42.1

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Von: George Olson (SUSE list)
Gesendet: Sa. 02.01.2016 01:02
An: suse ,
Betreff: [opensuse] slow desktop action and hangs after upgrade to 42.1

Hi everyone,

I just finished the installation of 42.1 in my laptop (#2 below). I am
now tweaking it to make it work. My installation was a clean install of
42.1 into a separate root partition from my root partition of 13.2. I
installed by means of the install dvd which I downloaded.

My home partition I am using is the same as the home partition I used
for 13.2.

First problem - the graphics driver - fixed (I think). It is an intel
i915 card with a discrete nVidia GM107M graphics card. I installed
bumblebee with the proprietary nvidia driver according to this:

After that my system was able to boot into opensuse and kde. The hwinfo
--gfxcard indicates that both the i915 driver and the nvidia driver are
the ones installed.

Second problem - KDE had a significant delay whenever I tried to do
anything. When I clicked on any icon, I had to wait between 10 and 30
seconds for the application to give any indication that it is opening
up. It didn't matter if it was kwrite, konsole, the kicker button, yast,
or firefox or chrome. Also if I hit alt-tab to switch between
applications, sometimes I would have to wait for that to switch also,
and watch the desktop hang.

I tried disabling desktop effects and switching the display backend
driver to openGL something, and that seemed to help for about 1 minute,
but then the delays and hangs would come back at random.

Your system is running baloo file indexing on the whole disk. The delays will
in the same moment as heavy disk activity I suppose.
Once the indexing process has finished, the system will turn to be normally
Log in your user and just let it run. Go to bed and when you wake up it should
be O.K.
This has normally nothing to do with conflicts.
Try "top" from the command line to see that balloo indexer is running requiring
a lot of
CPU load.

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