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Re: [opensuse] memtest only seeing 48GB out of 64GB?
Greg Freemyer composed on 2015-12-30 12:04 (UTC-0500):

jdd wrote:

Greg Freemyer composed:

Memtest starts fine, but it is only reporting 48GB.

memtest list the memory slots, check this first

Per Memtest86 v4.20 in the DMI table area:

Could be test binary is your problem. Do we know anyone who has used it for
32G with success? Maybe it isn't even supposed to support 64. Regardless,
try memtest86+ 5.01 or memtest 6.2 (neither of which I've been able to start
from HD boot).

I have 8 slots. 3 have a 16GB DIMM installed.

B1 / C1 / D1 have DIMMs. A1 seems like it should. I'll take a look.

That is very helpful, thanks.
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