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RE: [opensuse] Wiki as foundation of a community
stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx schreef op 28-12-2015 11:51:
There is probably a lot of blabla going on in the design community as to > how wonderful they are, but yeah.

Dear Xen,
please enjoy this classic about designers and desired design. I think
it is since years a noteworthy peace of humorist approach of a real

Haha, I laughed my ass off :P.

Amazing that the girl kept it up.

But the guy was a prick. He knew perfectly what the girl wanted, so what's the point?

She knew he was capable, and she was a bit arrogant. And he ridiculed her. "I have to
leave in 10 minutes and I still have photocopies to make."

That's no way to ask for help, of course.

Apparently it would have taken him 3 minutes to create the poster ;-).

Still, I would have said "Well, what's in it for me? ;D :P".

The front page is professionally done, I just don't agree with this profession. It
is a trend of the last 2 years, not really longer than that. I used to refer people
to the front page. It is of that style:

- No information
- Just advertizing
- "What we want you to believe"
- nothing the visitor can base his/her own opinion on
- such a lack of information that there are only two choices: leave, or enter without a clue as to why you are doing it.

- text is too big to read as being meant for information
- not meant for existing users, because the registration fields are much more dominant than the login field/link
- it's a sales mechanism using a dirty trick
- only really works because it seems pretty and because of brand recognition
- people probably don't really read the thing.

- counterproductive in attracting customers/users

- not usable for existing users
- rotten to the core.

Other distribution (I recall Arch) seem to do better but then of
course a lot is about personal taste, the material once uses and the
available collaborators.

Arch is a wiki that is so good (I guess) that whatever you are looking for (in Google) high chances that you will end
up on the Arch wiki. I would even say the Arch wiki is the most valuable element of what they do ;-).

I mean, if you want to do something special in Linux, arch has it covered (with howto).

I must say their main page is not great either, and I wouldn't know how to navigate it; but I just always arrive their through Google.

So about wiki having to be "messy" I do not agree so much. But too
much depth in menus...or not intuitive pages are a known problem.

If it is going to be a community thing, it is going to be messy at least to a certain extent, because it is going to be organic.

A bit like: if people do as they wish, they will have different gardens.

A neighbourhood can only have identical looking gardens if people don't do as they wish.

I would instantly start editing something like that, but then I'm not the kind of person or in any kind of position to do that.
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