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[opensuse] Reply to Basil plus a comment
On 12/27/2015 06:04 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:
<a lot of stuff>

+1 from here

Look, I have been firmly in the opensuse camp for several years,
from 9.x, so have seen it develop and grow and morph and in all
that time I have lurked on this list, gleaning various germs of
wisdom from the vast amount of chaff. Chaff, or "noise" as some
call it, is not a problem for me. I have a mail folder "opensuse"
and all postings go there. I can then scan the subjects, select
those I wish to read and flush the rest. Easy, not much time
and after all these years, part of my morning ritual. I have
seen many discussions that went on and on, full of passion but
totally irrelevant to me that got the flush treatment. Playing
Don Quixote re: the "board" is such a thread. It's mildly
amusing but not really relevant, so it gurgles down the porcelain
throne with the rest.

I have seen a disturbing (to me) change in direction of the
opensuse project as "the community" (whatever that is) moves
the distro toward some unspecified goal. I am sure that there
is a master plan somewhere but as an ordinary user and not in the
inner circle I haven't a clue what it is, nor do I really care
as long as said distro installs well, allows me to do what I want
and isn't too disruptive of my operations. From what I have read,
Leap may not be that distro. When my 13.1 system finally gets to
where is has to be replaced, I will then take a long, hard look
at the state of opensuse and compare it to what else exists in
the Linux universe and decide then if OS is still my distro of
choice. By then, hopefully, many of the issues with Leap will have
been worked out and it will be something I would want. It isn't now.
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