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Re: [opensuse] making iso from distribution bootable usb stick
Le 27/12/2015 15:04, Stanislav Baiduzhyi a écrit :

I've read the sources of suse image writer, it just copies the content
of the ISO to the device.

yes, one can do the job with dd, image writer is only more secure (do not try to write on hard drive :-))

So I would guess the same can be done
backwards? I'm just not sure how ISO will behave if the image file
length is bigger than actual contents.
your solution is good, but fail only in one thing: you find the iso size on the net. Not sure I could do this on the field easily, I would like to have a permanent solution.

so I dig a bit into your idea.

fdisk -l gives the size of the partition built by the iso.For 13.2 32 bits, I get:

/dev/sdn1 * 3748 9031679 9027932 4,3G 17 Hidden HPFS/NTFS

I do not too much care of the file system flag. But if this is done with dd, start should be at sector zero (or one) and the iso is up to 9027932 sectors of 512 MB

I'm unsure of the exact size to take into account, because the result is not even. x 512 / 8192 is not an even number

but anyway, I rounded it up and wrote:

dd if=/dev/sdn of=32b.iso bs=8192 count=564250

this give me an iso that boots perfectly on virtualbox and write to a real dvd

That way, I could notice in k3b a error message saying approx "the file size is different from the official volume size" and allowing to bypass. What I did and the dvd accepted the file.

but if k3b can read a "volume size", it's somewhere in the file and in the usb pen.

there should be a way to read it!

thanks, at least a working solution, we may improve later

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