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Re: [opensuse] On forum mods
Ruben Safir schreef op 27-12-2015 0:17:
On 12/26/2015 06:04 PM, Xen wrote:

I think there is more of a problem than this. I think there is a
generational problem here. This is a generation of SHEEP and
Conformity, and they can't handle even the most gentle of conflict.

Carlos is not the kind of person who would raise his voice at anyone.
But any disagreement now is met with furious hostility. This is the
generation of Reality TV and global tracking and spyware. They just
votes Carlos off the Island .... and they see NOTHING wrong with it.

I think it is true that we are currently living in a world where scarcely any person can resolve his own conflicts.

People are generally not allowed to HAVE their own conflicts.

And in general figures of authority step in very quickly to assume leadership, or dominance, or to take credit for solving a conflict.

But figures of authority cannot actually solve conflicts.

Most people instantly "run to the police".

"Mommy, David is being mean".

This is nurtured from an early age.

"Well now David, don't be mean".

Resolving conflict requires expressiveness, and it requires aggression. But since aggression is being "neutered" most people do not know how to express what they feel, or making it clear to another that what is being done is not right. Aggression is a great problem solver. It is also a strengthener of personal authority.

This principle is being rejected as being "taking the matter into your own hands". It is seen as a wrong thing to do, to take the matter in your own hands (or the law).

It is this repression of aggression that is a real or perhaps the real problem in our world.

Love is equally repressed.

But Ruben, please, get a grip of yourself.
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